The Pros and Cons of iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit: Things You Need to Know Before Using Teeth Whitening Kits

The Ultimate Guide to Home Teeth Whitening Kit

iSmile teeth whitening kit (Image credit:

Introduction– Introduction to teeth whitening and its increasing popularity.
– Overview of how the iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit works.
– Potential risks and side effects.
Body– Pros: Effectiveness, quality ingredients, user-friendliness, and cost-efficiency.
– Cons: Sensitivity, not for all, and maintenance.
– Ingredients and usage steps for iSmile.
– Comparison with ARC and Colgate Optic White Pens.
– Tips on choosing the right kit based on budget, goals, and skin tone.
Conclusion– Recap of the importance of teeth whitening and the benefits of iSmile.
– Encouragement to try iSmile and share experiences on social media.
FAQ– Typical duration for results.
– Possible side effects.
– Suitability for dental restorations.
– Recommended frequency of use.
– Advice against using with braces.

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iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit with LED light

Teeth whitening, once a luxury reserved for Hollywood stars, has now become a sought-after beauty routine for many looking to boost their confidence and achieve that perfect, radiant smile. Various products promise to deliver that magazine-worthy smile, one of the standout options being the iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit.


The iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit, like other kits, functions primarily through the bleaching action of its main ingredient, often hydrogen peroxide or a derivative. This kit provides you with a gel that you place in trays, which you then fit over your teeth. An LED light, included in the package, accelerates the whitening process, breaking down the stains on the enamel surface.


While many venture into teeth whitening expecting instant results, it’s essential to manage expectations and understand the potential risks. Sensitivity, uneven whitening, and gum irritation are some side effects one might encounter. It’s crucial to educate oneself and possibly consult a dentist, especially if you already have underlying dental concerns.


If you’re new to the teeth whitening scene, our Teeth whitening guide is a comprehensive resource to get you started. If you are new you should also read about the benefits of teeth whitening.

iSmile teeth whitening kit (Image credit:

iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit: The Good and The Not-So-Good

Before diving into the world of iSmile Teeth Whitening, it’s essential to have a holistic view of its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit:

  • Effectiveness: The kit is designed to yield visible results within a few sessions, with many users reporting significant improvements after the first use.
  • Professional-Grade Ingredients: With ingredients that dentists use for in-office treatments, you’re getting a high-quality product.
  • User-Friendly: The kit is designed for easy use at home without needing professional assistance.
  • Cost-Efficient: Compared to in-office treatments, the iSmile kit is a more affordable teeth whitening option.
Pros for iSmile teeth whitening kit

Pros of iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit (Image credit: Mia’s Best)

Cons of iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit:

  • Sensitivity: As with most whitening treatments, there's a potential for increased tooth sensitivity, especially if used incorrectly.
  • Not Suitable for All: Those with dental restorations or certain dental issues might experience uneven whitening.
  • Maintenance Required: To maintain the achieved whiteness, regular touch-ups might be necessary.

Ingredients and Usage

The primary ingredient in the iSmile kit is usually hydrogen peroxide or its derivative (Carbamide Peroxide), which acts as the bleaching agent. The kit also includes a gel applicator, trays, and an LED light. To use the kit:


  1. Clean and dry your teeth.
  2. Apply the whitening gel to the tray.
  3. Place the tray in your mouth and turn on the LED light.
  4. Follow the recommended time in the instructions, typically between 10-30 minutes.
  5. Rinse thoroughly.

Comparing iSmile with Other Popular Kits

When we place iSmile side by side with other popular brands, such as the ARC Teeth Whitening Pen and the Colgate Optic White Overnight Teeth Whitening Pen, a few distinctions emerge:

FeatureiSmileARC Teeth Whitening PenColgate Optic White Pen
Application MethodTray & LightPenPen
Primary IngredientHydrogen PeroxideHydrogen PeroxideHydrogen Peroxide
Expected Results Timeframe1-2 weeks1 weekOvernight
Ease of UseModerateEasyEasy

Besides these, you also have Crest 3D Whitestrips Sensitive At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit for individuals with sensitive teeth for comparison.

Tips for Choosing the Right Teeth Whitening Kit

Selecting a teeth whitening kit is more than just picking the most popular brand; it’s about finding the right fit for you. Here are some factors to consider:


  • Budget: Determine your price range.
  • Whitening Goals: Understand the level of whiteness you aim for.
  • Skin Tone: Your complexion can affect how your teeth look post-whitening.
  • Ingredients: Check for any potential allergens.
  • Reviews & Recommendations: Explore and gather feedback.

Mia's Best - Thoughts on the iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit:

Diving into the iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit was quite an adventure, and here’s my take on it.


  1. First Impressions:
    • I finally gave in to the multitude of teeth whitening kit ads I kept seeing on Instagram.
    • I’ve always used teeth whitening strips, so I was eager to try out this kit, especially given its affordable price on Amazon.
    • When I unboxed it, I found a bunch of tools: three syringes, a mouth guard, and some instructions.

  2. The Application Process:
    • The kit promises several uses from the syringes. Though I stumbled a bit at the start, I got the hang of it eventually.
    • I appreciated the LED light’s ten-minute intervals, but I was a tad confused about the overall treatment duration.
    • One feature I really liked was the design of the mouth guard; it had a designated spot for the tongue, making the whole process more comfortable.

  3. The Results:
    • The kit touted noticeable results after just one use, and honestly, I did see a slight difference. I compared my teeth to the scale provided in the kit and noticed a subtle improvement.
    • However, I did spot some white marks on my teeth afterward, which left me wondering where they came from.

  4. Overall Feelings:
    • I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I saw results, especially since it seemed faster than the usual whitening strips I use.
    • The lighting during my test made my teeth look even brighter, and I’m committed to using this product a bit more to see its full effect.
    • Considering the price, I’ve got to say I’m leaning towards being a fan.

So, my verdict? The iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit is a budget-friendly and seemingly effective method for teeth whitening. But as with everything, results may vary. It’s essential to be cautious and remember that a bright smile is just one part of overall dental health!

Conclusion: The iSmile Journey

Teeth whitening has become a standard beauty procedure, with the iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit spearheading the movement. These kits aim to bring professional teeth whitening procedures to our homes. With iSmile, you’re getting a kit that’s easy to use, effective, and wallet-friendly.


Here’s a quick summary of our insights:


Key PointsInsights
Why Teeth Whitening?Enhances beauty and confidence.
iSmile’s MechanismUses hydrogen peroxide, trays, and LED light.
ProsEffective, professional-grade ingredients, user-friendly, cost-effective.
ConsSensitivity, not for everyone, maintenance.
Comparison with Other KitsBalanced between ease of use and results.

If you’re pondering about brightening your smile, why not give iSmile a go? Once you witness the results, spread your joy and this article on social media to enlighten others about home teeth whitening.


Most users report noticeable whitening within a few sessions, with some even seeing significant improvements after the first use. However, individual results may vary based on factors like starting tooth shade and adherence to instructions.

As with many teeth whitening products, some users may experience increased tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. It’s always recommended to follow the product’s instructions carefully and consult with a dentist if you have underlying dental concerns.

Teeth whitening products, including iSmile, primarily act on natural tooth enamel. This means that restorations such as crowns, fillings, or veneers might not whiten in the same way or at the same rate as natural teeth. It’s essential to consult a dentist to understand how whitening might affect your specific dental work.

While many see results within the first few uses, it’s crucial to follow the specific instructions provided with the kit. Overusing or leaving the product on for too long can increase the risk of sensitivity or other side effects.

Generally, it’s not recommended to use whitening products while having braces as the brackets cover parts of the teeth. Using a whitening kit might lead to uneven shading once the braces are removed. It’s best to wait until after orthodontic treatment or consult with your orthodontist before using a whitening kit.


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